Sonic SEO Digital Services

Search Engine Optimisation & Web Design

Google My Business Profile creation for local SEO.

Bespoke websites built to rank in Google.

Custom graphics, blogging and content.

Custom Web Design

Sonic SEO create lightning-fast websites designed to get results. Our websites use WordPress and AMP to ensure your site is easy to manage, delightful to use and is aligned with the Google algorithm.

  • Stunning designs, intelligently put together.
  • Latest technology for all-round satisfaction.
  • Search-engine optimised fresh out the box.
  • AMP web pages are designed with performance in mind, saving clients time and data.
  • Sonic SEO is reinventing websites for the smartphone era. We turn them into a progressive web app that runs a service worker so your site works offline. Transforming the experience in the process.

Search Engine Optimisation

Anyone promising you the first page of Google is a liar. They’re blowing wind in your sails. At Sonic SEO we prefer to tell the truth. Genuine SEO is a long-term strategy; it takes Google roughly six months to rank a web page properly.

To compensate for this lull we will register your company on Google My Business FREE of charge.

  • Sonic SEO ensures all our new-build websites and refreshes are search-engine friendly out of the gate.
  • To increase your chances of ranking in an increasingly dificult marketplace, you need to keep adding fresh content, articles and blog posts.
  • AMP, WordPress and PWA provide the vehicle, but your content is the driver. Both need to pop!
  • Sonic SEO can provide detailed advice depending on your line of work, as each area needs a unique approach. Your success is important to us.

Logos, Graphics, Social Media Campaigns

We provide an in-house design facility so you can get everything all under one roof. If you’re getting a website or a refresh then we won’t even charge you for the privilege.

  • Awesome graphic packages – FREE with every new website or refresh.
  • We use Adobe Photoshop, as well as other premium design suites, to give you the best quality imagery to wow your clients.
  • Social Media accounts and adverts are an essential part of today’s digital experience.
  • If you’ve seen a design somewhere, we can incorporate anything you wish into your web pages and corporate branding. Just ask!

Bespoke Design Individual to You

Everyone dreams of having their own style. That’s why at Sonic SEO we make your dreams come true by offering individual creations at affordable prices.

  • Regardless of what inspires you, all you have to do is point us in the right direction and we’ll mould your ideas into something truly amazing.
  • Personalised design is everywhere – it’s how people buy premium products. Your website shouldn’t be any different. It should represent your brand to the highest standard possible.
  • Sonic SEO have you covered. We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure your happiness.

We look forward to working with you!