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fade:function(d) else if(alpha maxw) Adding videos to your content can help your site appear higher in search results and convert more customers. Videos allow you to demonstrate your products or services and answer questions that people may have about your business. Internet users love videos and sharing videos on your website and sites like You Tube is a great way to engage your target audience..

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Quick Cache has an impressive list of useful options including the ability to disable caching for logged-in users and users who have just posted a comment so they can see new comments right away which is helpful if your site is very active. Hyphens to separate words Google has officially launched a new search update to target “spammy queries” such as pornographic and other heavily spammed queries. Matt Cutts Google’s head of search spam announced this on Twitter saying “ We just started a new ranking update today for some spammy queries.” He pointed to the video he published where he Marketing is the process of generating awareness interest and desire for a product or service. Check out the resources below to improve your marketing knowledge and create effective marketing campaigns. General Marketing Why is SEO important? Your target audience sees personalized ads based on their needs and behaviors. Now it's time for the most critical question: How does P P C work on Google? Here's a brief overview of the steps we'll cover: One of the most common opportunities we see for Shopify stores is to create blog content for SEO. Often we see that Shopify sites are targeting keywords with informational intent with transactional pages. This creates a discrepancy between what content the store has and what Google is willing?to rank. The result is that the Shopify store doesnt have pages to support the intent of the keywords. In this post well talk about ways you can identify and fix this discrepancy..

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Showcase Shopping ads: With Showcase Shopping ads you can group a set of similar products into one ad. Users can then compare the products directly in the ad and choose the one that best fits their needs. SEO Optimization-Learn to Optimize for SEO Steady climb in customers and sales (and This customer acquisition strategy doesnt require buying outside advertising space. You do the work on your own website and optimize for SEO to help improve your websites performance. You dont need to worry about paying ongoing fees to a third party. See how your Facebook ads stack up against competitorsalso free! How to create SEO content Rates for professional copywriting vary with companies spending 50 to 500 per page..

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