Finding the Google Lighthouse Easter Egg in Chrome DevTools

The Google Lighthouse Easter Egg isn’t going to satisfy your chocolate cravings, but it will give your website a boost when it comes to speed, SEO and a few other important metrics.

Lighthouse is the big brother to PageSpeed Insights. It’s the geekier version, if that’s possible, used by the pros who know how to code and not just us mortals who can tweak WordPress and other content management systems. 

More importantly, however, Lighthouse has a Google Easter Egg, you know the hidden gems that we used to find on Android phones back in the day. It was that long since I heard them mentioned, they completely vanished from my thoughts… until today that is. 

Yep, you’ve guessed it, I stumbled across one.

The fact I had to put a bit of effort in to get this healthiest of all tasty bites, made it all the more rewarding. You see in the Android Easter Eggs, you just had to know where to press a button seven times. Whereas this one, it took me months of tweaking and persistence, but hard work pays off in the end.

The Secret to Opening the Lighthouse Easter Egg

Seen as though I’ve already written several articles on this website and my own blog regarding PageSpeed Insights, I won’t repeat myself. There’s endless tutorials on the web about how to tweak websites, especially WordPress, for speed.

What made the difference for me was, I’d gotten an almost perfect Lighthouse audit way back in 2018, but kept on getting stuck on 97% for the Performance tab.

The reason for this is simple with hindsight. You see that Google sets the radio button for Mobile on Simulated Slow 4G, 4 x CPU Slowdown. Not wanting to cheat the results, I had tried to be a good citizen and leave things on this standard setting. However, that only enabled me to get a score of 97 at best.

It makes perfect sense, because how can you get 100 on an inferior connection? You can only do that on an optimum network setting; once I altered to No throttling my score hit the magic 100%.

Combined with the other scores it nudged me towards the hidden gem. That’s if you can call your screen turning black and a few graphic fireworks a gem? Still, it’s at least something for my effort.

Hopefully now the more people that are aware of it, the more people will be likely to aim for it. Everyone loves a challenge, especially web developers and coders.

Special Mention to Hostinger – My Hosting Company

You’d be forgiven if you thought that I did this on a super expensive Managed WordPress account, but no this was all done on Hostinger shared hosting. Not just any shared hosting, but at a price that blew my socks off. It put Bluehost right out of the equation and made the fact that I had to move 9 websites over all worthwhile.

MySQL databases had always threatened me. They are those type of things that don’t make any logical sense on first view. It didn’t even cross my mind that there is a super easy way to copy your database tables and move them with your website files over to your new host.

Sonic SEO Affiliate Offer

There is an awesome YouTube tutorial that I’d like to give a shout out. It’s called How to Manually Migrate Your WordPress Site by Josh Hall. If you’re sweating over moving your website, it’s super easy.

The only minor issue I had was that you can only upload files of a certain size to Hostinger. This is done to prevent people bogging down the server and it might even be possible to alter it in your settings. Regardless, I still managed to move 9 websites over and all worked perfectly well in the end.

Sonic SEO Hostinger Account

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

If your WordPress website is slowing you down, reach out to me for a free consultation. I’ll give you a report showing the areas you need to concentrate on. You can either go down the DIY route or hire me if you’re struggling.

Unfortunately,  I can’t guarantee you an Easter Egg, but I’m looking forward to hearing your comments below.

Over and out!

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